Saturday, February 23, 2019

Kew Hotel Tagbilaran Buffet

The Kew Hotel invited me and my friends to try their buffet for free. I always look for new places to eat here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol so I was excited to try what they have to offer. I have a few favorites that made me decide to go back their with my family again in the future. In the meantime, I will torture myself as I share to you my experience.

Pinoy Fiesta Buffet

The theme at the time we were invited by Kew was Pinoy Fiesta. Lucky for us, this theme is a favorite among the frequent diners here. The other popular theme is the Japanese inspired one. I can only take the word of my blogger friend for this. She said her family frequents the Kew buffet and they love both the Filipino and Japanese theme.

I am not really a picky eater but there were a few dishes that I really enjoyed. Just thinking about my favorites make my mouth water right now. πŸ˜‹

The first one that I would really want to have again is the dinuguan with small chicharon bits. I loved how it was just sour enough and the chicharon added a lovely crunch and rough texture to the smooth and creamy dinuguan. I had my dinuguan with a sweet puto that helps pull back the sour taste. The subtle sweet and softness of the puto made the dinuguan even more delicious.

Kew Hotel Buffet Tagbilaran Bohol Buffet dinuguan puto
Dinuguan with Chicharon Bits and Puto

My second favorite would be the Pinangat na Tanigue. It's fish wrapped in leaves and then stewed. (Excuse my lack of cooking terms πŸ˜…) Just take a look at the picture below to understand what I mean. 😁 It was really good! If I describe it, I won'd do it justice. You have to try it yourself. My friends and I thought it as a definite favorite.

Kew Hotel Buffet Tagbilaran Bohol Buffet pinangat na tanigue
Pinangat na Tanigue

Now I said it was a Pinoy fiesta theme right? It would not be fiesta without some crispy pork dish! 😁They did not have an entire lechon but the Crispy Lechon Belly was good. Crispy pork skin and juicy pork meat πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ My mouth aches for it right now. πŸ˜„

Kew Hotel Buffet Tagbilaran Bohol Buffet crispy lechon belly
Crispy Lechon Belly

So, those were the highlight of my Kew Hotel Pinoy Fiesta Buffet experience. The buffet costs 450 pesos per person. If you want more information check their Facebook Page or their website.

Kew Hotel's Buffet is available every Saturday in the Cafe Melecia located on the ground floor. The Kew Hotel Buffet has a different theme every Saturday. You can check what the theme is of an upcoming buffet through their Facebook page.

I had a wonderful time and I think I will be trying the Kew buffet again, this time with my family. Try it and bring your family with you. πŸ˜ƒ

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park: Adventure and Fun with Friends

Adventures are always great when done together with other people. 😊 Personally, I like traveling with friends or with close family. In Bohol, there are plenty of places to go to that is great for family or group of friends. I love going to waterfalls or beaches but if you are looking for a thrilling adventure, there is Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (a.k.a CHAP). If you are from Bohol, you may have heard of this place. Yes. It is popular for its Bike Zipline but they also offer activities that a group of people could do together.

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Bridge Entrance
My obligatory pic on the bridge entrance of CHAP 😁

The Rush (Bike Zipline)

The Bike Zipline is great fun for me. I do not have a problem strapped into ropes way up high, so I enjoy these kinds of things. Now the Bike Zipline might seem like only an individual could enjoy but if everyone in your group tries it, there is that swapping of individual experiences that makes it a great shared experience. It is also fun to scare each other out. Hahaha πŸ˜‚. If you are that kind of family or friends, then the Bike Zipline should just be the kind of fun for you as you try to scare and dare each other.

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Bike Zipline
I cannot actually do hands free on a normal bike so this felt awesome. 😊

The Wave Runner (Surf Zipline)

CHAP has another attraction that is gaining popularity. It is the Surf Zipline. You are basically dangling from a rope with a "surfboard looking thing" strapped to your feet. The idea seemed cool to me at first. I was already imagining looking like some bad ass surfer zipping across the sky. Lo and behold, I felt giggly and funny when I did it and I bet I looked rather like a sack strapped on a board. hahahah πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ . But it was all good fun. I have videos and pictures that my grandchildren will probably make fun of. Wouldn't that be neat!

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Surf Zipline
I really thought I looked cool while I was doing this. Now I am having second thoughts. 😜

The Surf Zipline is for those who are not just looking for thrills in heights but also in speed. This is actually faster than the Bike Zipline and perfect for lazy people who hates exerting effort while having fun. All you have to do is just hang and zip through.

Now let's get down to other stuff that multiple people could do together. Me and my friends, tried the Zorb Ball, Body Ball, Wall Climbing and the Rope Courses.

Rope Course

The Rope Courses are really good for groups because it could be done together by many people. Personally, I hate anything that requires upper body and my coordination also stinks but I had great fun. Everything is fun when done with other people, at least for me. 😊 We all cheered each other on. It is nice to have people cheer you on. (I wish there would be people always cheering me on in my life struggles. haha πŸ˜†)

For all those organizations looking for a place to have team building activities, CHAP has rope courses that would be just the thing for you. The place also has plenty of ground space for other activities that are not Rope Course related. You could keep everyone busy in CHAP if you guys do your team building activities here.

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Rope Course
My knees were actually shaking a lot when this pic was taken. πŸ˜†

Spiderman Wall Climb

We also did the Wall Climbing. Two people could do them together. You and your friends could probably race each other. The two wall climbing routes are not the same so it would not really be a fair race 😈 but it shall be jolly good fun for competitive people. I did not race with my friends. I was already struggling just keeping myself up there. hahahaha πŸ˜‚

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Wall Climbing
Yes. I know you can tell I was struggling. πŸ˜„ But look at those calves, I did not know they could look like that. πŸ˜†

Choco Zorb Ball

There is also the Zorb Ball. Two people could fit inside the Zorb Ball. When my friends did this, their laughter and shouts were just contagious and wonderful! I would like to try this one the next time I go to CHAP and maybe I could do it with my sisters. 😊

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Zorb Ball
While the Zorb Ball was rolling, I could hear my friends shouting and laughing. It was contagious! πŸ˜†

CHAP Body Ball

Lastly, my favorite of all, was the Body Ball. We were basically inside inflated balls much smaller than the Zorb Ball. We were then grouped into two teams, two people each team. Then we played a soccer game. Imagine us, inside big inflated balls running around trying to kick a tiny soccer ball into tiny soccer goals!! πŸ˜‚ It was heaps of fun! I broke my shoe and I was running out of breath but wow!!! I never had that much childish fun in so many years!

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Body Ball
Look at us inside big balls, chasing and kicking a tiny ball. πŸ˜„

There are plenty more things to do in CHAP. You can check their website here for more information on the rides and activities they offer.

Prices and Other Details

Entrance Fee - Php60.00
Bike Zipline - Php450.00
Surf Zipline - Php450.00
Rope Course - Ranging from Php300.00 to Php1,500 depending on the rope course you choose
Wall Climb - Php300.00
Zorb Ball - Php400 per person
Body Ball - Php400 per person

They have package rates and you could get cheaper prices if you avail the package rates. For more information on their prices check there website here. If you want to contact CHAP, you can reach them through the following:

Phone: +63 932 667 7098 | +63 932 042 4779 | +63 38 501 0282
Email: |
Facebook: Hills Adventure Park

They are open daily even on holidays from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

How to Get There

CHAP is located in Carmen, Bohol. To get there from Tagbilaran City, you can take a bus in Dao Terminal. The Bus ride should be around 2 hours. The fare is Php60.00. Just tell the bus driver to drop you at CHAP. If you take the van (a.k.a. v-hire), you will get there faster. The fare for the v-hire is Php80.00 - Php100.00. By a private transportation, you could get there in an hour if you use the Tagbilaran - Hanopol - Batuan - Carmen Route.

CHAP Bohol Adventure Curious Onion Map Directions fastest way from Tagbilaran to Carmen
Tagbilaran-Balilihan-Hanopol-Batuan-Carmen Route. This is a faster way to Carmen, Bohol if you are not planning to pass by the Loboc Man Made Forest.
Do try living your life at the edge sometimes and there are plenty of things you will discover about yourself. Adventures are food for the soul and what a better way to have a feast for the soul than to do it with friends or family. 😊😊 Visit CHAP, it is not really just a place for thrilling adventures but also a great place to be for chilling with friends or for a family of multiple generations to enjoy.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anda Accommodations (Now where am I going to stay?)

Summer is almost here! If you are planning to come to Bohol, I will recommend Anda. If you want to know why, check this. Its charm is in the laid-back atmosphere and there are less tourists. Despite the laid-back environment, there are actually a lot of choices of overnight accommodations for the budget tight to those who can splurge a little more.

Pricier Options

If you like to get somewhere with exclusive access to a beach and wants to have a nearby pool to lounge I would recommend the following:

J & R Residence


Room Rates:
Ocean View Family Villa - 6,500 PHP per night
Beach House - 5,500 PHP per night
Ocean Front Apartment – 4,500 PHP per night
Garden House – 3,500 PHP per night

If you have money to spend, this place would be nice for you. They have a beach front and a small pool. The place is small, and feels exclusive and calm. When I went there, I noticed most of their clients were foreigners and they were lounging around the pool looking contented and calm. I guess they do love how quiet and serene the place feels.

Flower Beach & Diving Resort


Room Rates: 2,800 PHP – 3,600 PHP per night

This place feels a little more rustic than J & R Residence but it is cheaper. They do have air-conditioned accommodations. They have a beach front and a small pool. What is great about this place is they do offer diving lessons. A place to stay for those who love to dive!

For those who have a little to spend

If you just want a good bed and don’t mind not having exclusive access to a beach front I would recommend that you go to Poblacion, Anda. There are a lot of cheaper accommodations there and what’s great is that you are nearby the Public Market, Anda Food Center, Quinale Beach Bar and the public beach!

The following is a list of Accomodation Establishments that are in Poblacion, Anda.

Little Miami Beach
Room Rates: 800 PHP – 1,500 PHP

Anda Lodge
Contact: 0999-480-8055
Room Rates: 500 PHP – 1,200 PHP

J & A Traveller’s Inn
Contact: 0919-2443-250/0907-8672-999
Room Rates: 500 PHP – 1,200 PHP

R & S Seaside Unit Accommodation
Contact: 0948-849-6971
Room Rates: 1,500 PHP – 2,400 PHP

When on a tight budget

If you are like me who don’t mind sleeping on a hard floor, you can actually pitch your tent in the public beach that is somewhere in front the town church. It was a fun experience. There was a decent public bathroom nearby. We felt secure. The place felt peaceful. We made sure we were in the town center so that it wouldn’t be a problem to ask for help if something bad did happen. ^_^. But no worries. Anda is actually a peaceful place.

For those who do want to stay in Poblacion, Anda, I highly recommend you go to Anda Tourist and Information Center. They would be able to better inform you. It is just beside the Quinale Beach Bar, in front of the town church and right somewhere the beach shore.


With regards to pitching a tent on the public beach on the town center. As of January 2019, the last time I went to Anda, I have found out from a local that pitching tents in the beach is not allowed anymore. It is nice to know that they are trying to keep the beaches clean and all. Saddened with this news though. If I get to Anda some time again in the future, I will get updates about this.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Anda - Variety in a Small Town

Where Anda, Bohol Philippines
Public Transportation You can get to Anda in one ride or two rides from the Dao Bus Terminal of Tagbilaran City.
  • One ride - You can take a bus or van that will take you directly to Anda. (Fare: 100-150 pesos)
  • Two rides - Take a bus that will get you to Guindulman Public Market. (Fare: 90 pesos) From the market take a rila (those vehicles that look like tricycles but bigger and actually has 4 wheels) (Fare: 30 pesos)

  • What to do
    Anda is a tourist friendly place. They have a tourist information center located by the public beach behind their church. You should go there to get better information.

    Tourism in the place is not yet highly commercialized. There aren't any water sports nor much night life. If you like mountain views, explore caves, cool down in a waterfall, snorkel, scuba dive or chill under a shade by the beach, Anda is for you.

    Where to stay
    I've never slept in a hotel or inn in Anda. I have only slept in a tent with my friends in their public beach. It was fun too but if you like the comfort of a bed, do not worry. There are a lot of establishments that could accomodate you for the night.
    What I did in Anda

    1I went to Anda with two friends. We arrived at noon. We walked along the shore. (It's a long walk if it's low tide.) We pitched our tent and at night my friends had a swim. You should know this. The water at the beach behind the church is shallow. If you like deep water then this beach would not be for you but there are other deep waters in Anda.

    2We woke the next day and was surprised just how wonderful the sunrise is at that place. It was the best sunrise I've seen so far! We took a rila and walked up to Anda Falls. We had a silly time in a man made pool below the falls.(Make sure not to go there on a pool cleaning day! We had to swim around while the pool was drained. ^_^)
    3From the falls, we walked down and took a rila back to the town center. We walked to Kabagno Cave Pool. It was a little confusing to get to the cave but the locals were nice to give us directions. The entrance to the cave is practically a hole on the ground but it's the biggest and deepest cave pool I've seen in Anda. If you want to take a swim there, you can rent a rope ladder from the residents nearby. After that we, went to Banilad Spring which is a walking distance from Kabagno Cave. Now ready to go home, we went back to Guindulman at noon to get a ride home.
    For such a short time in Anda it felt like I've been there for a long time and seen so many things. I'd like to go back there and see the rest of what they have to offer. ^_^

    Friday, July 4, 2014

    Morning Hills: Sunrise vs Sunset

    This is for the people who are in for something not so touristy. Morning Hills or Himontagon Hills is located in Botoc, Loay about 20 to 30 minutes of jeepney ride from Tagbilaran City.

    The view from up the hills is great but what I was curious about was why they call it Morning Hills. People argue that it's called Morning Hills because the sunrise there looks awesome but some say the sunset is way better. I had to see it for myself.

    From Tagbilaran City, you can ride a bus or jeepney. The fare is Php25.00. You stop at the Morning Hills Store. (Yes the store is named after the site! ^_^) Near the store, there is a street that leads up to morning hills.

    Don't be afraid to ask directions if you find an intersection somewhere near a chapel. The locals will be happy to help. We were planning to walk all the way up but a man offered us a ride as he was going to his farm that is near the peak.

    A really good view welcomed us as our ride winded its way up.

    From the farm, we looked for a shortcut that the man told us about. We didn't find an actual path. We just made our own path that looked convenient and one that seemed to lead us up the peak. (or you can say we didn't know where we were going. ^_^) We had to cross over bent barbed wires along the way so we were apparently not on the right way.

    A selfie was a good excuse for me to take a rest
    without having to admit I was tired. ^_^

    Yes, it's still a long way up but I was feeling great.
    Excellent photo opportunities!!!!

    No. He is not the risen Christ. It's just my friend.
    He was on a telephone interview.
    (Yes. What a way to have a job interview.)

    We finally reached the top. It did not take too long. I'm just not fit so I always had to catch my breath. ^_^ It felt good to finally be there after years of wanting to go there.

    I think I am not doing the view justice. So just pretend you are on top of that hill, not caring about the world and just watching time fly as the sky changes color.
    (Yes. I know. Doesn't it feel relaxing?)

    We had to give the place our usual "Salute to Awesome Places."
    We look silly but who cares? ^_^

    Time for a photo session!!!! We can't possibly miss that.

    Hey there.

    This tree is a superstar. If you look up Morning Hills on the internet,
    this tree shows up in a lot of photos.

    We love drama. ^_^