Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bohol's New Residential Development - Velmiro Greens Bohol

Bohol has a new residential development company. This one has apparently been a 4-5 year plan for Cebu Landmasters Inc(CLI). Finally, after a long wait for both Boholanos and CLI, CLI is officially launching the project.
An architects perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Imani Model
An architects perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Imani Model

I am not into real estate and all but I was quite impressed with CLI during their Press Conference on February 29, 2020. It has been said that they are a leading residential developer in the Visayas - Mindanao area, but what impressed me most was how much the company takes pride in putting care into thinking about the people who will be living in the residential areas they built. It is not all business to them. They are creating communities, not just individual houses to sell.

Velmiro Greens Bohol is the 4th project under CLI's Velmiro Brand, following the successful ones in Cebu, CDO, and Bacolod. The Velmiro brand boasts in creating a community with urban comforts but with rural bliss.
An architect's perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Clubhouse
An architect's perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Clubhouse

Velmiro targets the mid-market real estate segment. The residential area will have 204 well-designed homes which would be perfect for young families. With landscaped parks all over the 3.6-hectare area, CLI designed Velmiro for comfort indeed. It is a secured and gated community and also offers leisure and relaxation facilities. It will have a swimming pool, multi-level clubhouse, fitness gym, basketball court, kids playground, and function rooms.

An architect's perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Cenia Model
An architect's perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol Cenia Model

Jose Soberano III, CLI President, and CEO said "Our buyers feel they are getting great value for their money and this has resulted in good take-up rates across our Velmiro Projects. As CLI ventures to Bohol with Velmiro Greens Bohol, we aspire to deliver and do the best that we can for the Boholanos." I can't help agree with him. I might have just been quite taken by the charisma of the man but I have high hopes for this project and I will root for it to be successful in providing Boholanos the best residential development could offer.

For more information, you can check out their website for the Velmiro Greens Bohol info here.

To see a miniature house model of the Imani check here. For the Cenia house miniature, check this link. If you want to see the a virtual tour of the architect's perspective of the Velmiro Greens Bohol, check this link.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Sicily Italian Cuisine and Woodfire Pizzas: Where Great Pizzas are Born

If you're in Bohol and are craving for Italian food, Sicily Italian Cuisine, and Woodfire Pizzas might just be the place for you.

Here you can see my happy friend from The Boholana. She is inside the airconditioned area of the restaurant.

These cold cuts were good. It was my first plate of cold cuts but I enjoyed it. I also loved the bread that went with it. Perfect with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

They also have an outdoor area if you are not fond of airconditioned places.

The salmon was also wonderful.

I never had the chance to eat the shrimp but I saw my friends eating them and they all liked it.

And of course, the Sicily Pizza fresh from their woodfire oven.

I am no wine expert but I liked it. Not too sweet.

This man looked so happy looking after the pizza's and bread he was baking. Who does not want to be surrounded by such lovely staff?

I personally loved their pizzas and the place is really nice. There is parking space and it is just on the highway. Although it is in Panglao Island, it is not too far from Tagbilaran City. You should stop by during one of your adventures in Panglao. For directions on Google Maps, click here.

For more info you can check out these links:
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Trip to Dumaguete for Passport Renewal

This blog is about what I experienced during my trip from Cebu to Dumaguete for my passport renewal. If you are here to look for the bus trip price and bus trip schedule, check out this blog. That definitely helped me during my trip! I am just adding information that might help you prepare if you have similar intentions for the trip, like having a passport renewal.
Cebu South Bus Terminal
Cebu South Bus Terminal

I went to the Cebu South Bus Terminal around 6pm to book a ticket to make sure that I get a ticket for the last trip. As the Visayan Blogger mentioned, there could be a long line for the ticket for the night bus trip so I was prepared for that. I got my ticket at around 6:30pm to 7:00pm. There was not yet a long line but it sure was good to be there early.

The bus trip from Cebu City to Bato was on time and it was good. No traffic because it was night time so we got to the Bato Port without a problem. I made sure to get some sleep during that trip. Now in Bato, in my experience, there was a long wait for the boat. Probably around 3 to 4 hours. The air condition of the bus was turned off so it was quite unpleasant to stay inside the bus and sleep while waiting for the boat. So I stayed outside and happily listen in to people having conversations, rather than get moody about something I have no control over.

The boat finally arrived. The air condition was still not on during the trip but it was okay. The boat trip was quite short, probably around 30 minutes. The boat arrived at Tampi port at dawn and the trip from Tampi to Dumaguete was around 1 hour.

Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal
Arriving at the Ceres Terminal early in the morning

The bus stops at the Ceres bus terminal and if you are in Dumaguete for Passport renewal, I advise you to take the stop there. Robinsons mall, where the passport renewal is done, is a walking distance from the Ceres Terminal.
Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal Female's Bathroom Cubicles
Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal Female's Bathroom Cubicles

In the terminal, there is a decent bathroom where you can change your clothes if you do not want to look all wrinkly and tired after the trip. There is also a convenience store where you could buy food and toiletries. You can refill your water bottle there too using 1 peso coins if you are environmentally conscious like me and hates buying bottled water. There are also charging stations for phones. If you are traveling on a budget like me and not planning to stay in a hotel, this terminal really helps a lot if you need creature comforts.
Jollibee across Robinsons Mall
Jollibee across Robinsons Mall

Robinsons mall opens at around 10am. I got to Dumaguete at around 6am. So I decided to have breakfast first at the Jollibee across Robinsons. I had to wait for Jollibee to open though at around 6:30am. There is a Jollibee by the way at the Robinsons mall so you could go there to eat too.

Dumaguete DFA Office in Robinsons
Dumaguete DFA Office in Robinsons

Now I won't be talking into details about the passport renewal itself but it went smoothly. The mall opens at 10am but at around 9:30am-9:45am they will let in people who are scheduled for passport renewal in the morning. The DFA office is on the 2nd floor and I was scheduled at 10:30am so there was not much a crowd yet.

As to what Visayan Blogger said, morning trips are not crowded. So I was complacent about getting back early to the Ceres Terminal. Lo and behold! There was a long line for the bus trip I was planning to take. I was not sure exactly why there were so many people. As per talking to the locals taking the bus though, a lot of them were just planning to have a mini-vacation in Cebu City for the weekend and that time was a Friday.

I did get my ticket, thankfully, after patiently waiting. Then there was another waiting, for the bus this time. Again, I had to patiently wait. I could not control the situation. I just happily sat on the floor listening to people and watching them. I sound like some weird person when I say I listen to people but hey, it is an excellent way to pass time if I am not reading a book.

From Dumaguete to Cebu City, I enjoyed the boat trip because I get to see the view in daylight. Bato to Cebu City trip was okay but there was traffic upon entering Carcar City, all the way to Cebu City. I asked the driver to drop me in SM Seaside and there I safely arrived at around 9pm.

Your experience might be a bit different from mine but I hope I give you a general idea of what to expect from the trip. Basically a lot of waiting and a bus trip. haha! Get your patience ready and be sure to bring a good attitude with you! If you have been to Dumaguete through a bus trip, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!! ^_^

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey: My 3 Takeaways

“Busyness is no different from laziness when it doesn’t lead you to accomplish anything.”
― Chris Bailey, The Productivity Project: Proven Ways to Become More Awesome

Being on a journey of understanding people, part of my discovery is how to become better at being productive. At work, as part of our self- training, I was introduced to this book titled "The Productivity Project" by Chris Bailey. The book presented productivity concepts that I was familiar already but there were a few that were new to me, so here are my three takeaways from the book.

Time, Energy and Focus
Chris Bailey mentioned 3 important things one needs in productivity. These are time, energy and focus. These 3 things are very crucial to understanding productivity. The concept is, among the 3, time is the nonrenewable resource. We all only have 24 hours every day, how come some people are more productive than others? Considering that you might not have the resource to hire people to do the work for you thus making more time, the key is to make smart use of energy and focus.

This is where so many things came to me already. I now had an idea of why I am not productive no matter how many hours I work. First is my lack of focus. I have too many things in my mind and it is just not great for my focus. What I am currently doing now is just to take on tasks three at a time, like how Chris suggests. I just focus on three things daily. Whatever is not so important, I choose to do another day. 

The second thing is my lack of energy. I have succumbed to the idea that I might just be tired daily for the rest of my life and it's all part of getting older, but Chris says differently. I realized, there are things that I could do. The first is just to get better sleep. Better sleep does not mean to sleep early then wake up early. That concept is BS. Each of our bodies has its own sleep cycle. I know. Most of us just have to wake up at 6 to get to work at 8 but the point is, there is no evidence pointing out that people who wake up early are more productive. So now, since I have the luxury to do so, I wake up according to my body clock. I found out I am a morning person after all and my brain has an optimum level of focus at around 10am. So now, I try to do really mind taxing things around that time when I have the energy and focus to do so.

Mind Wandering is not an Evil on its Own
I am one of those people who can't help but daydream and just get lost in my own imagination and thoughts. There is nothing wrong with that but if it happens in the middle of working on important and brain heavy tasks at work or just at home, it really derails me from doing a focused job. It turns out, the problem with me was that I did not set aside time for mind wandering. In my pursuit of doing as much as I could in a day, I did not set aside time for my mind to do its own relaxing, fun and leisurely thing. After having read that Chris Bailey makes time for mind wandering, I currently try to practice it daily too. Mind-wandering could be done together with other activities, such as exercising, listening to music, nature walk and one of my favorites is when reading. I take reading very seriously no matter the genre but I let my mind wander too during such a time. To daydream about what I would have done if I was the lead character or what things I have read shall I be applying to my life are one of those things where I let my mind run wild in.

Identify the tasks that are the most high impact
Now here's where things got interesting to me. In the book, it was, again and again, emphasized that we only do things that are truly important to us, thus Chris's advise to just take on 3 important tasks daily. This will make anyone get to really thinking. What are the most important things for me that I need to focus on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis?

I have a tendency to take on so many things. I am just wired that way because I am a learning whore. I just like to learn without bothering to know which skills are useful and which ones are not. I want to learn everything but I realized that I am not being productive this way. So here, I put on my own twist. I have read in another productivity article that there are tasks that are building blocks of productivity or building blocks of value. Like how one learns to write very well now so that their writing becomes very efficient and much better in the future. Or how someone tries to automate tasks so that one can focus on other things while the automation gets rolling. So now, I have identified 3 things in my life at the moment that I think would build value for me in the long run. Now, I concentrate on just these three things for the rest of the year, and I let go of the rest of my other goals until these 3 are finally going and rolling for me, only then will I take on another 3 goals.

Although after reading the book, I felt equipped with productivity already, I am not going to put it out there that I am a changed being already. Although the little changes I do now are really helping clear my head, there is much to improve yet, so one more bonus tip from Chris, the key is to do one habit change at a time that compounds to lifestyle change that will really stick with you for a long time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene: My 3 Takeaways

"We tend to think of our behavior as largely conscious and willed. To imagine that we are not always in control of what we do is a frightening thought, but in fact, it is the reality. - Robert Greene, Laws of Human Nature"

Being quite uncomfortable around people, I sought to learn about human behavior as much as I could, thus, I found myself reading The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. Not wanting to forget what I have learned from my reading, I share 3 things here that I would like to take away with me from this book.

It is okay to not always be yourself

A first thing that hit me right away was that being honest a hundred percent of the time is not realistic. I am always in conflict whenever I do things just to get what I want or need even though such an action is not of my nature. I have realized, there is nothing wrong with that. We all do things to try to fit in or to try to impress people and that is not a completely horrible thing. We are social creatures and our survival depends on being part of a group. Just imagine how difficult life would be if you are an outcast, thus sometimes we have to act opposite our nature to ensure that we continue to be accepted by society.

Accept that we are emotionally driven beings

The problem with us is that we always insist that we are higher than our primal instincts but the thing is, we only like to think so. Once we accept that we are in fact driven by emotions, the better we all will be in taking a step back and seeing things a bit more objectively. Never ever make the mistake of thinking that you are better than your fellow people because you are not controlled by emotions. We are wired to be emotional and our minds and bodies evolved that way but we have brains that can act more rationally too. The trick is not to deny emotions but rather understand why we feel a certain way and create a reaction based on that understanding rather than blindly following our gut feeling.

Emotions can be channeled for good

I already mentioned that we are such emotional beings but rather than just be a slave to it, emotions can be used for good. It's okay to be driven by anger, but you channel it instead in your way to success. It's okay to feel pain and betrayal, use this as a compass on what not to do next. Our emotions are not meant to go against our journey to success but rather they are there to help us make a better sense of the external environment. Rather than mindlessly following our emotions, as better people, we use emotions to better guide our rational minds in making better decisions.

I hope these 3 points help! Human behavior will still continue to be a mystery to me but armed with these new information, I think I am much more capable than before in dealing with the intricate human behavior. All I hope now is that I won't be overthinking it all.