Saturday, July 5, 2014

Morning Hills: Sunrise vs Sunset

This is for the people who are in for something not so touristy. Morning Hills or Himontagon Hills is located in Botoc, Loay about 20 to 30 minutes of jeepney ride from Tagbilaran City.

The view from up the hills is great but what I was curious about was why they call it Morning Hills. People argue that it's called Morning Hills because the sunrise there looks awesome but some say the sunset is way better. I had to see it for myself.

From Tagbilaran City, you can ride a bus or jeepney. The fare is Php25.00. You stop at the Morning Hills Store. (Yes the store is named after the site! ^_^) Near the store, there is a street that leads up to morning hills.

Don't be afraid to ask directions if you find an intersection somewhere near a chapel. The locals will be happy to help. We were planning to walk all the way up but a man offered us a ride as he was going to his farm that is near the peak.

A really good view welcomed us as our ride winded its way up.

From the farm, we looked for a shortcut that the man told us about. We didn't find an actual path. We just made our own path that looked convenient and one that seemed to lead us up the peak. (or you can say we didn't know where we were going. ^_^) We had to cross over bent barbed wires along the way so we were apparently not on the right way.

A selfie was a good excuse for me to take a rest
without having to admit I was tired. ^_^

Yes, it's still a long way up but I was feeling great.
Excellent photo opportunities!!!!

No. He is not the risen Christ. It's just my friend.
He was on a telephone interview.
(Yes. What a way to have a job interview.)

We finally reached the top. It did not take too long. I'm just not fit so I always had to catch my breath. ^_^ It felt good to finally be there after years of wanting to go there.

I think I am not doing the view justice. So just pretend you are on top of that hill, not caring about the world and just watching time fly as the sky changes color.
(Yes. I know. Doesn't it feel relaxing?)

We had to give the place our usual "Salute to Awesome Places."
We look silly but who cares? ^_^

Time for a photo session!!!! We can't possibly miss that.

Hey there.

This tree is a superstar. If you look up Morning Hills on the internet,
this tree shows up in a lot of photos.

We love drama. ^_^

A close-up with the celebrity tree!

We pitched our tent while the sun was still up and prepared our dinner. We had to camp there so we could enjoy the sunset as long as we want and see if sunrise does look great there. We were serious with our mission. ^_^

Wouldn't it be great if we all cooked with a great view in front of us?
No. I am not talking about the dude. I was talking about the sun behind him.

Why, hello there!

The moment finally came. Everyone, meet the sunset in Morning Hills. Tadaaaaah.......

Sunset!!! We love you!!!! Please sign my shirt!!!!

Just so you'd know. McDonalds did not pay us for this
and I was not scratching my head.

Aren't these guys great? They're so good at coming up with poses together with the celebrity tree. ^_____^

We had quiet moments. We were just watching the sun set or maybe taking as much pictures as we could while the moment lasted.

We had a long talk that night. There weren't that many fireflies but the stars looked great. Morning came and it was judgement time. 

I am not sure how safe the place is for camping but while we were there, nothing bad happened. I know a friend who hangs out there at night and have a beer or two with his peers and stay there until morning. There is actually a house, a bathroom and a tiny shrine of Sr. Sto. Nino on the peak. It didn't feel too isolated nor too near civilization.

The sun rose behind the hills and it was our cue that we were going home.

So, what do you think? Does the sunrise in this picture look great? You go on and decide later. Let's finish this article first. ^_^
Goodbye celebrity tree.

We had to hurry.
Look at those clouds. It looks like it's about to pour.

Here's an issue I have with the place that other people may not be talking about. There is a very tiny area that is starting to accumulate trash. The sight is actually a last station for a Stations of the Cross. Stations of the Cross is a very popular practice among Catholics during Lenten season. I do not know if the trash is a consequence of such activity or maybe the people who come just do not care about cleanliness.

If you go there, do not leave anything behind specifically trash. Observe the picture below. Do you see that plastic bag dangling behind the dude wearing a white shirt? It's our trash. We brought our trash with us when we went home. Let us apply this practice in every one of our adventure. ^_^ So we can keep awesome hangout spots clean and beautiful.

Now that I think about it, we should have picked up the trash. Next time we went there I'll have that in mind.

Bye bye Morning Hills.

So? What do you think? I know what I think. You should go there. It's a great place for a photo session and the light is great at sunset. You don't have to go there at sunset because the view is great any time of the day. I'm sure the sea would look great when the sun is high up the sky. ^_^ Give this place a try.

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your great adventure in Himontagon Hills (Morning Hills). We are looking for our day 2/free time adventure while staying in Bohol and found your blog post. A big help to us!