Monday, February 9, 2015

Anda Accommodations (Now where am I going to stay?)

Summer is almost here! If you are planning to come to Bohol, I will recommend Anda. If you want to know why, check this. Its charm is in the laid-back atmosphere and there are less tourists. Despite the laid-back environment, there are actually a lot of choices of overnight accommodations for the budget tight to those who can splurge a little more.

Pricier Options

If you like to get somewhere with exclusive access to a beach and wants to have a nearby pool to lounge I would recommend the following:

J & R Residence


Room Rates:
Ocean View Family Villa - 6,500 PHP per night
Beach House - 5,500 PHP per night
Ocean Front Apartment – 4,500 PHP per night
Garden House – 3,500 PHP per night

If you have money to spend, this place would be nice for you. They have a beach front and a small pool. The place is small, and feels exclusive and calm. When I went there, I noticed most of their clients were foreigners and they were lounging around the pool looking contented and calm. I guess they do love how quiet and serene the place feels.

Flower Beach & Diving Resort


Room Rates: 2,800 PHP – 3,600 PHP per night

This place feels a little more rustic than J & R Residence but it is cheaper. They do have air-conditioned accommodations. They have a beach front and a small pool. What is great about this place is they do offer diving lessons. A place to stay for those who love to dive!

For those who have a little to spend

If you just want a good bed and don’t mind not having exclusive access to a beach front I would recommend that you go to Poblacion, Anda. There are a lot of cheaper accommodations there and what’s great is that you are nearby the Public Market, Anda Food Center, Quinale Beach Bar and the public beach!

The following is a list of Accomodation Establishments that are in Poblacion, Anda.

Little Miami Beach
Room Rates: 800 PHP – 1,500 PHP

Anda Lodge
Contact: 0999-480-8055
Room Rates: 500 PHP – 1,200 PHP

J & A Traveller’s Inn
Contact: 0919-2443-250/0907-8672-999
Room Rates: 500 PHP – 1,200 PHP

R & S Seaside Unit Accommodation
Contact: 0948-849-6971
Room Rates: 1,500 PHP – 2,400 PHP

When on a tight budget

If you are like me who don’t mind sleeping on a hard floor, you can actually pitch your tent in the public beach that is somewhere in front the town church. It was a fun experience. There was a decent public bathroom nearby. We felt secure. The place felt peaceful. We made sure we were in the town center so that it wouldn’t be a problem to ask for help if something bad did happen. ^_^. But no worries. Anda is actually a peaceful place.

For those who do want to stay in Poblacion, Anda, I highly recommend you go to Anda Tourist and Information Center. They would be able to better inform you. It is just beside the Quinale Beach Bar, in front of the town church and right somewhere the beach shore.


With regards to pitching a tent on the public beach on the town center. As of January 2019, the last time I went to Anda, I have found out from a local that pitching tents in the beach is not allowed anymore. It is nice to know that they are trying to keep the beaches clean and all. Saddened with this news though. If I get to Anda some time again in the future, I will get updates about this.

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