On the first day of the New Year [while some might be a little groggy eyed and hungover] I wanted to look back on 2014. Yesterday I reflected back on all the happenings that appeared on Lake Shore Runner in 2014. But because this is “supposed to be” a running blog I wanted to reflect separately on my running experiences.

A week or two ago I saw Lisa post her 2014 Running Recap and I wanted to join the party. Thanks to Amanda I’m linking up to “Year of Running” to reflect back on all my runs to prep myself for 2015!





Year of Running

Best race experience?

It sounds cliché but dropping 11 minutes off my marathon PR at the Rock N’ Roll DC Marathon was the highlight of the year for me. But it wasn’t because of my time that the race was so great – the crowd support from my friends and family was amazing. Every few miles I had a new sign and or face to look forward too!

DC Marathon

I ran this in March [before I started LSR] so I unfortunately don’t have a race recap. But maybe I will do one on the year anniversary like I did for the Nashville marathon. It was actually a pretty eventful run with two of my friends jumping in at mile 15 through 20.

DC Marathon This was a great race, even though I crossed the finish line and told my parents that I would never run another marathon again. Well I didn’t keep to that promise because I signed up for the Detroit Marathon a week later [sadly I did not run it because of an injury].

Oh and the post race party made it all the more better! My parents and I love any excuse to throw a party. And it was a great motivator at miles 20 through 26.2.

Best run?

Hands down the Detroit Turkey Trot drumbstick double. I love this race but besides that the actual run felt great. This was my first race since April, and after all of my injuries, I finally felt like running and I were friends again. We had been on the outs for quite sometime.

Detroit Turkey Trot

It was good to be back and made me excited to run again! I hadn’t had that feeling in a while.

Best new piece of gear?

Newton Kismets.

Newton Kismets

This is a very new purchase and I just decided last week after back-to-back good runs on Christmas and Christmas Eve that I am a fan. They are so light and I feel that there is great ankle support even though they sit lower on my ankle than my old running shoes. I guess it helps that I have permanent ankle brace with two screws in my right ankle. I am still feeling them out, and will have a much more detailed post on them as I get more runs in them. But for now all I know is that I am a fan!

Best piece of running advice you received?

Listen to your body!

marathon sign

I can’t say I fully do this yet but I am trying to be better. If something hurts it is not going to get better if I keep going out everyday and pound the payment. In order for your body to function at 100% you need to treat it well, and that means rest. You need to allow your body to recover. It is much easier for me to type this advice then to incorporate the advice into my life, but again I’m trying. I don’t run as much as I used to because I know my body can’t handle all the miles day in and day out. But on the non-running days I can still do speed work or cross training to get that endorphin high!

Most inspirational runner?

All of you! Sounds corny but reading everyone’s race recaps, experience, training plans, and product reviews inspires me and makes me want to a better runner. I love it, keep it up!

If you could sum up your year in running in a couple of words, what would they be?

Year of Many Highs and Lows.

I think you guys can tell from the other questions that there were highs and lows of my year in terms of running. I PR-ed my second marathon…I despised running for 5 months due to ongoing injuries…and finally at the end of the year got back on good terms with running. I am excited for what is to come in 2015 for my running!

Enjoy your day eating lots of great food and yelling at the TV watching football. I am off to the Winter Classic Game – Blackhawks vs. Capitols. It is a beautiful day in D.C. to tailgate.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my 2015 goals – both in life and running/fitness.


  • How would you explain your 2014 year of running in a couple of words?
  • Best race in 2104? And why?
  • How are you enjoying the 1st Day of 2015?