….don’t think you could get rid of me that easily!

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Did you miss me?!

So the title is a little misleading…no I am not retiring from blogging (everyone can let out a huge exhale). Even though I took a short (cough….2 month) unexpected stint off, I am here to stay!

The time off showed me what a wonderful community I am apart of being a blogger. So many people reached out with kind words asking how I was / worried something happened to me :/ Seeing all of the comments made me that much more excited to get to blogging. I missed it!

So what am I retiring from you might ask? 

Running. Or as someone put it – I am taking a sabbatical (thanks Suz!)

Sadly I had to back out of my goal race this fall – Detroit Marathon. I made the decision one Saturday night back in July. The next morning I was supposed to wake up and run the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon in a 100 degree heat – instead I called my parents and cried for a few minutes and told them I didn’t think I was going to be able to run the half the next morning.

I felt like I had failed. But like my parents always do – they reassured me I by no means failed. I had already pushed my body to far exceed what it was ever meant to do. Nine years ago I was told I would never run again. Today I have run two marathons. A marathon is no small feat in itself. Completing not one but two marathons after being told an easy jog would not be possible was a success in itself.

But like most – I wanted more. I wasn’t satisfied with what I had done. I wanted to qualify and run Boston. That is my personality and I think for most that is life – ALWAYS WANT MORE. Stay hungry.

My mind wanted more but my body had had enough. I probably should have listened to my body months ago but I let my mind remain the captain of the ship. So today I’m happy to tell you I’m finally listening to my head.

Who knows maybe all I need is a couple of months, year, or years to fall back in love with running. Or maybe it will never happen, and that is ok. At 26 I should be able to wake up everyday and not have to limp to the bathroom, have my leg burn while I sit for an extended amount of time, have my hip hurt to the touch, or for walking to be a struggle. It is not normal, and it is not what I want. Something needed to change, and that something was running.

In just two short months most of my ailments I listed above have subsided, and I am happy not to be going to PT 3 to 4 times a week with no positive outcomes. The PT I needed was rest. When I say rest I don’t mean not working out, I mean not running for extended distances. I am still working out just as much or even more than when I was running a few times a week.

The morning of the Chicago half I woke up and made my way over to Soul Cycle for their Soul Survivor (an hour instead of 45 minutes) class. Soul Cycle – a workout that I love, I get excited for it, I get a high (similar to a runners high – but more efficient), and that is good for my body. I have decided life is too short to do things that don’t make you happy or you don’t look forward too. Working out is a huge part of my life; I want to make sure I actually look forward to each and every workout. I was getting to a point with running that I did not look forward to it. I actually would get nervous/terrified for my runs because I never knew how I would feel.

This week I will receive my Detroit marathon refund check (I lost this entry fee last year but luckily this year they offered insurance for $10 in case you became injured prior to the race)! You might ask what I am going to do with that little check (even if you weren’t – go with me!)?

I am going to put it towards classes at Soul Cycle. A year ago running was a love of mine. Now I am moving on and finding new workouts that I love just as much as running, and who knows maybe even more. Remember – Stay Hungry! 

Check back on Wednesday to see what I have been doing the last two months! Lots more pictures and a lot less words. And again, just in case you can’t tell from all my blabbing above – I am exited to be back! 


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