Good Morning! And Happy Friday! We made it.

Just like I had a lot to share on Wednesday catching you nice people up  on my life, I have a lot of favorites to share with you from the summer. So grab your PSL and dive in….

I actually had a PSL yesterday, and am happy to say I will be sticking with my plain blonde roast. I’m actually glad I wasn’t a fan – no temptation!

Trader Joe’s Pastrami Smoked Salmon

My friend told me about this item months ago and I just got around to trying it out. Long time readers know I am a new salmon lover. Not gonna lie – smoked salmon kind of terrified me. I didn’t know if I was ready for it.

Let me tell you – I am! Every time I go to Trader Joe’s (every Sunday) I pick up two packets. I put it in my eggs, toss it on my strawberry and blueberry spinach salad, or just straight out of the pack. I can’t get enough! The seasoning is not overpowering either – you still get that smokey salmon taste.

This week I got a little creative and put it in my avocado egg cup for dinner! Yum. Recipe to follow if interested.

Flowers (Fresh & Dried)

A little generic of a favorite, I know. But I love flowers. I tend to pick up flowers (along with my smoked Salmon) every Sunday from Trader Joe’s too. Nothing like walking into your apartment than fresh flowers. I bought the flowers above from a local farmer’s market – perfect for fall!

Along with fresh flowers I am loving dried flowers. The bouquet above is from Betsy’s wedding, and my bouquet from Jackie’s wedding is in the process of drying. Both bouquets were way too beautiful to throw away.

Soul Cycle

Have I mentioned my love for Soul Cycle on here yet? Ha. Just in case you haven’t been able to tell I am really loving this workout. The week before Labor Day I went 3 times in 4 days so I received some lovely Soul Gear compliments of Soul Cycle. I feel like a BAMF when I wear this Warrior hat. Not too sure if I pull it off but I go with it.

Coconut LaCroix

I remember growing up my mom used to drink LaCroix all the time and I thought it was NASTY. When I saw LaCroix

Old Navy Clothes

Old Navy is not one of my normal shopping stops, but when you forget work shoes the day you get ready at the gym in the morning. You need to make a lunch stop at Old Navy for cheap flip flops. While browsing I just so happened to pick up a few items.

  • The dress I am wearing above is on sale for only $15! I think I can bring over into fall with knit tights and booties.
  • Pixie Pant ($14 – $29) – I wore the Houndstooth print to my company golf outing. So comfy!
  • Another great dress that can be worn this fall with tights (or no tights) and booties.
  • Not the exact dress (mine was short sleeved), but who doesn’t love big bag dresses?! I know I do. Another boot and tight dress for fall.

I bought a few other items but I wasn’t able to find them on the site. They were more summery so they are probably close to sold out. Check the store though for great deals! Can you guys tell my fashion trend for fall? I love booties!! What is an extra few inches? I like be on the same level as NBA players.

Lily and Laura Bracelets 

When my parents came for Jackie’s wedding my mom brought me three Lily & Laura bracelets, and I don’t think I have gone a day without wearing at least one of them. Obsessed! My mom did a great job picking out my colors too! I see myself picking up a few more in the near future. A lot of studios (and Nordstroms) sell these bracelets – specifically Pure Barre!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Look forward to hearing about how you all spent your first fall weekend on Monday. I know mine will involve lots of football!

I’m linking up with HeatherKatie and Claire today for Friday Favorites. Check out whatever else is loving lately too! 


  • Tell me something you have been loving lately. I love finding new things!
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?